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Points of Growth Classes

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What are 'Points of Growth' classes?

Our mission at Liberty is: LEAD, GROW, and EQUIP all people with the gospel of Jesus for the glory of God, through the Spirit of God; and the Points of Growth classes help us accomplish our mission.

In total, there are four classes that make up our Points of Growth. These classes are Discover Liberty, Discover Scripture, Discover Ministry, and Discover Impact.

Our primary goal in these discipleship classes is to help you GROW as a Christian. All four 'Points of Growth' will be available on the first Sunday of every month (lunch provided).

Discover Liberty

This class is the basic introduction to our church family, and the only class required for membership at Liberty.

Since we have church members from various church backgrounds (or none at all), this class is designed to clearly explain who we are, our Statement of Faith, and what we believe is the mission of Liberty.

Discover Scripture

The focus of this class is on the four basic habits every Christian needs to develop in order to grow to spiritual maturity. This class will equip you with the skills you need to begin these habits, and explain the tools you need to continue these habits.

Discover Ministry

At Liberty, we focus on an individual approach to ministry rather than an institutional approach. In this class, we will focus on five personal factors that have combined to shape the "real" you. By identifying these specific traits, the ministry that God has designed for you will become clear!

Discover Impact

Jesus' command to every Christian, which is recorded in all four gospels and the book of Acts, is to preach the gospel everywhere and to everyone. In this class, you will learn about the Vision, the Purpose, and the Mandate behind evangelism.

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Because each class takes place after the church service on Sundays, and are about 1.5 hours long, we like to provide lunch for all who are staying :) So, if you'd like to join any of these classes, please sign up below.